Monday, December 6, 2010

Taster's Wine Bar

Transition is the movement or change from one position, state, stage, or concept to another. The design focus for renovating 106 West Parrish Street is the transitioning state from one space to another, from old to new, and from part to whole. In the proposed design, the spaces between destinations such as the lounge and retail area as well as the apartment foyers and livable spaces are celebrated and visually reinforced. The transition areas compress and release as people move through level changes in the floor and ceiling, making the space relatable to the human scale. Historic and modern materials are juxtaposed throughout the space to reflect the transition of the building from old to new.

Entrance [Pre-Lounge]: This space is used for wine tastings and minor dining.

Waiting Area for the Restroom

Transition from the Pre-Lounge to the Wine Bar

Wine Bar I

Wine Bar II

View of the Wine Bar from the Private Tasting Space

View Upon Entering the Private Tasting Space

Space for Private Tastings

Preparation Kitchen

Taster's Wine Bar Retail Space
This retail space is used to sell wine as well as storing it.
The entire space as a whole.


Floor Plan
Retail | Private Tasting Space | Office | Prep Kitchen | Wine Bar | Pre-Lounge

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