Monday, May 2, 2011

Atmosfär Boutiques [Prospective Design for Stockholm, Sweden]

Atmosfär is a control, management, or power of an atmosphere [Swedish translation for Ambiance]. The design focus for constructing Atmosfär Boutiques is the renewed state from one location to another, from old to new, and from emotion to atmosphere. In the proposed design, each space is celebrated and visually embraced in their own way.

Welcome [Entrance]

Green Space [The Core]

First Floor [Shops]

Second Floor [Entire Mall]

Fourth Floor [Department Store]


Ange said...

I stumbled across your blog and got really drawn to your masterpieces. I practically went through every piece of your work and is extremely inspired! I'm also an interior architecture student (From Malaysia). Lots to learn as I've only completed my Year 1 in BA. (Hons) interior arch. Keep up the great work! Will pop by again. :)

Greg Hickman said...

I'm glad that you felt inspired. Thank you so much :)